Birmingham Coach Station

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This august institution re-opened today after several years refurbishment and a temporary location in Coventry Street. Notice the change of name from Digbeth Coach Station. I did a survey this morning: check it out here. There are 16 bays tagged as bus-stops but the only renderer to pick them all out is our very own Christoph’s NOVAM. The red barrier around the bus roads is a work of art. I don’t know how long the copper cladding will remain nice and shiny. National Express sold the building two months ago for £16m in a sale-and-leaseback deal. It’s a couple of months late because the main contractor went bust. The taxi drivers I spoke to weren’t too impressed with only 4 spaces in their taxi rank.

Picturesque view of the Black Country

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To encourage us and new members that mapping the black country is not just about grim housing estates, brownfield and derelict areas and industrial sites that are barred by security gates, here is a view to stimulate us that beauty can be found in this region.

Cobb’s Engine House stands in the midst of a large nature reserve with extensive views over the region. It is situated at the confluence of a number of canals and above the entrance to the Netherton tunnel (2.5 miles long) which was the last canal tunnel to be built in Britain. There are still lots of cycle paths and footpaths to be surveyed here.